Music & Talk

Music & Talk came to light as a beautiful fluke. My childhood friends and now current roommates were sitting in my bedroom chatting while I was poking around on my synthesizer. Little did they know, I was recording everything! The introductory episode to Season 0: “Technical Difficulties” begins with our hosts suddenly realizing they were being recorded.
Check out the brief snippet



As far as we know, Music & Talk is the first podcast EVER to have live produced music for the entirety of the show. It’s pretty exciting for us to be offering something new to the podcast world. Currently, we are in the process of learning how to achieve the best production quality with our resources. Season 0: “Technical Difficulties” will be released in full as soon as we stop having, you guessed it, technical difficulties. I invite you to give us a listen once we begin Season 1 (soon) so you can observe how our host’s conversation mixed with my production combine synergistically.

Season 1 is here!