I’m constantly surprised with the sound the MPC can produce, and this is one of the coolest patches I’ve made yet. I should note that I’m using JJOS 2XL. Ask anyone, it’s worth 100 bucks.

Here’s how I did it:

First, find a sample. I recommend a note that either is substantially sustained or can be seamlessly looped. The sound I used was very simple, just to see if this idea was going to work (it worked). I’m sure this would be even cooler if a more dynamic sound was used. Take the sample and hit Shift + ALL and load it into every slot on a fresh program. Continue holding Shift and smash that CHROM. button.
This will chromatically tune the sample across the pads. DUH
By the way, this wont work if you create an instrument program. The reason why is because a drum program can have an LFO assigned to individual pads.
Keep the play mode on POLY if you want to play fatty chords.


I forgot to screen shot the AMP screen, but just set your envelope across all the pads. In my example I think the attack and release were set around 50.
Next head over to the filter screen and setup a filter. As you can see I chose bandpass with some resonance. You can choose whatever you want, doesn’t matter, just make sure it sounds decent across all the pads. I added some decay for flavor.


Move on to the LFO menu. This is where it becomes a pain in the ass. I created a pattern with the WAVE FORM column starting at pad A01. It goes SAW, SAW, TRIANGLE, SAW, SAWDOWN and repeats till the last note.
Same for the RATE column with the pattern of 6, 8, 6, 4. Each whole number representing that many bars per oscillation, I think.
Set the filter amount wherever sounds good. Don’t just copy mine make your own. My program will be available for download at the bottom.


Again, no photo, but I added a ton of reverb. Do so as you please.
I messed around for a ridiculously long time just playing huge chords. Heres what it sounds like:

Messing with the PITCH comes out pretty tight too


Check it out:

Play around. Send me what you create.
One downside to doing this is the MPC can get a little pissy from all the oscillating. Just resample and forget about it.

Download for the program I setup above, HERE
Load your own sound into it!