Vintage 80’s digital synthesizer samples!

This morning I sampled my Yamaha PSS-460 to create some quick access MPC instrument programs. Each preset was sampled five times (five octaves of “C”) for a total of 135 samples for 27 instrument programs. These work with JJOS2xl and possibly other JJOS variants.
Each Sample was recorded as a brief “stab” with sustain active on the synthesizer.
Most of these sounds decay rather quickly.
Currently, all of the programs aren’t edited any further than just having the samples loaded in and the note ranges mapped.

In the near future, I plan to record the presets again while HOLDING the keys down in order to loop and sustain each preset on the MPC.

Sound demos coming in the near future, currently I haven’t used them yet.

NOTE: These samples are somewhat noisy due to the synthesizer’s natural sound.

A zip of all the files is available for download HERE