13 instruments… only 2 mB!


I’ve created some new instruments for MPC1000 and 2500 users with JJOS. The cool part about these ones is they’re extremely small, and take up almost no RAM. (2.17 mB) 16 bit audio! Not down-sampled!
All of the treble sounds were sampled from a Yamaha PSS-460 Synthesizer and were named based on their preset. Same with the bass sounds, but I picked names for them.

Here are the demos with individual download links:

link to zip file of the entire pack can be found at the bottom of the page.



This clip starts with Funk Bass and fades out into Plain Bass


Rhythm Bass with portamento and LFO


“Filth” Bass with filter LFO



Electric Piano and Violin with vibrato.
Flute comes in for the second half with portamento


My personal favorite that makes an appearance in most of my music: Vibes


Music Box




“Oboe” if it were a polyphonic instrument played by a mad man


Finally, there is Koto along with the Saxophone



Download all instruments here

(1.3 mB zipped folder)